Friday, June 24, 2011

WarGames Movie

WarGames MovieMGM wants to reboot the cult 1983 science-fiction thriller movie WarGames. Director Seth Gordon (who brought us the documentary "The King of Kong" that follows Steve Wiebe as he tries to take the world high score for the arcade game Donkey Kong from reigning champion Billy Mitchel) has been hired to helm the project. There's no official release date yet.

Here's the trailer of the original WarGames movie:

"A young man finds a back door into a military central computer in which reality is confused with game-playing, possibly starting World War III."

I have found memories of the original WarGames movie, but well all the computer stuff from that film are now way outdated. There have been huge advancements in videogaming and cyber warfare since then, and now that Internet is more or less ubiquitous, I think a remake of WarGames is definitely welcome. Yep, I'm impatient to see Seth Gordon's take on WarGames.

Anyway, more information about the remake of WarGames as soon as details emerge!